Comic Planning: The Value of a List

Today’s video is about the value of lists. When I create comics, I usually start with a list of what I’d like to see. Some comics have simple lists and some have complicated lists. It is important to mix it up. If your readers pay really close attention to your art, it is nice to reward them with awesome detail. Sometimes, it is also rewarding to have simple images that focus on dialogue or plot. Mixing it up is very important.


Patreon Page Illustration–Number 2

This is my second attempt at a Patreon page intro. I had to do it again because my first attempt was illegible on Patreon because the ‘hole’ size Patreon gives is too small for traditional comic lengths. My handwriting was also a problem. I love my handwriting, but on a cell phone and on Patreon it can not be read, so I went to this font.

Occasionally, I will update the art and when I get to chapter three, I’ll redo the subheading “So what’s Cobalt City Comics?”. Thanks for being patient as I fought my way through this project for the second time.Patreon-Intro-Page-Number-Two


So What Now, Patreon page version 2

So-what-now-Patreon-comic-ccb-03-005One more post for the redo of my Patreon page. The difference on this page is the size I drew it at. I drew it at almost double the size I normally do and I used a sharpie to draw with. I love drawing with sharpies. Everything goes quickly and is a lot of fun. I can also draw well with a sharpie when I’m tired. I know, I know, everyone says to never draw with a sharpie, but I like doing it.


100 Day Youtube Challenge

This is part of a challenge I’m giving myself: 100 days of Youtube videos. The fish-tank guys do it to great success. Now I am not going to do a video every day for the next 100 days, rather I’m going to make 100 video about my comics, but not about how I’m doing them since there are thousands of great youtube videos about how to draw very credible comics.

I am going to deal with a few issues related to making a webcomic however. Hopefully, this will lead to new followers and also a bit of learning on my part about social media and community building.